Markaron App In Hmanthlak Background Thlen Ning

Mobile Phone in Kan Hmanthlak Background fawi tein thlen kan duh ah cun Markaron App hman khawh a si , a hman ning zong a fawi mi a si caah Hmanthlak Background thlen a duh mi hna nih a tanglei bantuk in tuah khawh a si

Hmasabik ah na Phone ah Markaron App a um a herh , na ngeih rih lo ah cun a tanglei App Store le Play Store ah Download tuah khawh a si

App Store Link :

Play Store Link :

App Install na tuah dih tik ah a tanglei bantuk in na duh mi na hmanthlak background na thlen khawh cang

Makaron App na on dih hnu ah nangmah na duh mi Template thim piak law Tap to replace timi hmet law background thlen na duh mi na hmanthlak thim piak

Person timi hmet

nangmah na duh ning tein na hmanthlak a ngan a hmet remh khawh a si

na duh ning tein na tuah dih tik ah Done hmet law na Phone Album/Gallery ah a save cang lai

App hman ning a fiang lo mi hna nih comment in hal khawh a si , ka lawm!

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