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Mobile Phone ah Dictionary App a tha bak mi hman na duh ah cun hi A Z Dictionary App hi hman khawh a si . Chin To English in hman khawh a si leng ah English to Chin Zong ah Cafang kawl khawh a si cu lawng silo in Myanmar To Chin Or English zong in na kawl khawh rih lai a duh mi hna nih a tanglei ah Free tein Download tuah khawh a si

Free Tein Download Tuah Law Na Phone ah Rak Khumh .


Android App


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Note : iPhone a hmang lo mi poah nih Android App le Direct Link hi Hmet law Download tuah khawh a si

iPhone a hmang mi hn anih iOS App timi hi hmet law App Store ah Get timi in Download tuah khawh a si

English To Myanmar , Myanmar To English / English To Chin/Myanmar , Chin To English/Myanmar Offline Dictionary

– Easy Navigation
– Work without internet access
– Auto suggest searching word

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Khrihfa Hlabu App ( Android / iOS )
iPhone Ah Kan Mah Tein Ringtone Khumh Ning

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