iPhone Ah Kan Mah Tein Ringtone Khumh Ning

iPhone a hmang mi hna nih Computer hau lo tein zeitindah Ringtone kan khumh lai timi kan chiah piak than hna , nangmah na duh uar mi hla Download tuah in Ringtone ah khumh khawh a si .

nangmah Pumpak na uar mi Hla , Video Download tuahnak ding caah na Phone ah Bolt timi App na ngeih hmasa a herh lai . na ngeih rih lo ah cun a tanglei ah hin Download tuah piak

App Store Link : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bolt-browser-and-documents/id1366502697

Note : Bolt App in na Phone ah Video Download tuah khawh a si lo ah cun FoxFM timi App hman khawh a si

FoxFM App Download Link : https://apkproandsoftwarefullversion.blogspot.com/2020/05/iphonepad-in-facebook-le-youtube-video.html

Download na tuah dih cun Bolt timi App On piak , nangmah na duh mi Video Download tuahnak ding caah Tube timi hmet

Tube timi na on in Youtube ah a mah tein a On lai i Youtube ah nangmah na duh mi Hla kawl law On piak

Video na on bak in Download timi hmet law Hla Download a tuah cawlh lai ( Download na tuah mi hi Video a si caah m4a File ah thlen kan hau a tanglei ning tein thlen khawh a si )

Folders timi ah Download na tuah mi Hla na hmuh lai , Download na tuah mi Hla Saupi in hmet law

Convert to Audio timi na hmuh lai Hmet law a tanglei bantuk in File pakhat na hmuh than lai.

File 2  a si cang lai , m4a File kha Ringtone ah kan hmang ding mi File a si . Saupi hmet than

Open timi hme than

Save to Files timi hmet than

Add timi hmet than , a cunglei ning tein pakhat hnu pakhat tein na tuah dih ah cun Zeitindah Ringtone ah kan khumh lai a tanglei ah hin zoh than.

Na Phone ah GarageBand timi App kawl piak than , GarageBand App hi iPhone ah Built in a tel cia mi a si , GarageBand App na Phone ah um lo ah cun a tanglei Link ah Download tuah khawh a si

App Store Link : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/garageband/id408709785

App On law Continue timi hmet

Audio Recorder timi kawl piak law na hmuh ah cun hmet

A Cunglei Button hmet than

A Cunglei Button hmet than

File timi ah kal piak law a tanglei Browse items from the files app timi hmet

Save na tuah mi Hla na hmuh cang lai hmet

A tu bantuk in na hmuh ah cun 1 Hla kha hmet law 2 ah chiah piak ding ( Hmanthlak in cun a van fiang lo deuh ngai )

A cunglei ah a um mi Button hmet  law My Songs timi hmet than

My Song tiah Hla na tuah mi a um cang lai , Saupi in hmet than law a tanglei bantuk in Share timi na hmet than lai

Ringtone timi hmet than , Export timi hmet law chikhat hngah piak

Use Sound as … hmet than law Standard Ringtone hmet piak than

a tu bantuk tein nangmah na duh mi Hla Download tuah in na Phone Ringtone ah tuah khawh a si , a tuah ning hi hmanthlak in pakhat hnu pakhat in ka chiah caah a tam tuk mi le a har mi a lo i a si Voikhat nangmah tein an tuah ah cun a hnu ah fawi tein na tuah khawh cang lai


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