Khrihfa Hlabu App ( Android / iOS )

Mobile Phone ah hman khawh a si mi Khrihfa Hlabu App khumh na duh ah cun a tanglei ah nangmah na Phone he a khat mi te Download tuah piak law Free Tein Download tuah khawh a si .

Khrihfa Hlabu App ah – Solfa le Piano zong a tel chih .

Softa le Piano hman na duh tik ah Voikhatnak bik ah Internet Line in na On hmasa lai , Internet line hmang in na on cia mi Solfa le Piano cu A hnu na on than tik ah Internet Line a um lo zong ah hman khawh a si cang lai.

Free Tein Download Tuah Law Na Phone ah Rak Khumh .

Android APK


Direct Download


iOS App


Note : iPhone a hmang lo mi poah nih Android App le Direct Link hi Hmet law Download tuah khawh a si

  • iPhone a hmang mi hn anih iOS App timi hi hmet law App Store ah Get timi in Download tuah khawh a si


Laimi tampi nih kan Phone ah hman kan duh cio mi Khrihfa Hlabu App cu tling deuh tein ka van tuah than cang , a tu Khrihfa Hlabu ah Piano le Solfa telh chih a si cang . kan hawi le zong nih an hman khawh cio nak lai share in ka bawm ve uh tiah kan sawm hna.

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