Na Hman Lio Mi Facebook “Password”

Na hman lio mi Facebook Password na theih lo sual ah cun logout tuah hau lo tein Password thar tuah than khawh a si . zeitindah Logout tuah loin na hman lio mi na facebook password na thlen lai . a thiam rih lo mi hna le a hal mi hna caah ka tial mi a si caah a thiam cang mi hna nih rel lo khawh a si

Hmasa bik ah na Facebook App ah a um mi Menu ah kal law Settings & Privacy ah kal law Settings timi ah kal than
Security and Login timi ah kal piak than
Change Password timi ah kal piak than
Forgotten Password ? timi hme than
Hi ka ah hin na Facebook Account na tuah lio ah Phone Number na hman ah cun Na Phone Message ah Code Number a phan lai , Gmail in na tuah mi a si ah cun Gmail ah Code a phan lai , Code Number zohnak ding caah Home Button in chuah law Message silo le Gmail va on piak ,
Facebook nih Code an kuat mi kha i chinchiah law Home Button Voi2 hmet law tunai na Facebook Code tialnak ding ah kal piak than
Code tial law Next hmet
Password thar na duh mi tial piak , 2nak te thim piak law Next hmet , tlamtling tein Na hman lio mi Facebook Password thar na tuah khawh cang .
Ka Lawm !
Kan Philh Sual Mi Facebook Password
Messenger Le Viber Ah " Removed A Message " Zoh Ning

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