Laica ( Ṭ ) Ṭialnak Caah K Keyboard

Android Phone/Tablet in Ṭ Ṭial kan duh tik ah hman khawh a si mi K Keyboard App kan chiah piak hna , Laica Ṭ  Ṭialnak ca lawng ah silo in English Myanmar ( Zawgyi – Unicode ) Font zong tial khawh chih mi a si.


Play Store Link :


A Cunglei Play Store Link ah Free tein Download tuah khawh a si.

•Step1: Press “Enable Keyboard” and select Kkeyboard”
•Step2: Press “Set Default Android Keyboard” set “K keyboard”
•“K keyboard” is working on android version 5.0 and up.
•Language “Myanmar(Zg) , Myanmar(Uni) , Shan(Zt) , Shan(Uni) , Paoh(Zg) , Paoh(Uni) , Thai(10key & 12key)”
•1000+ Cute and Smart Emoji & Emotion & Emoticon & Smiley faces.
•Clipboard to Auto Myanmar Text Converter and Favorite
•SmartPopup Myanmar Text Auto Converter
•Background Color.
•Background Wallpaper.
•Suggestion Background Color.
•KeyBoard Key Style.
•RGB Mode Support.
•KeyBoard Fonts Color.
•Keyboard Key Effects.
•Keyboard Key Color.
•Emoji Store.
•Dark Mode .
•Myanmar(Uni) Easily Typing.
– And more…


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