Internet Download Manager 6.40 Build 5 (Repack)

Internet Download Manager Update thar hman a duh mi hna caah Internet Download Manager 6.40 Build 5 a tanglei ah kan chiah piak than hna , Cheukhat Cu Full version in Install tuah kan thiam lo caah Install tuah ning zong Video in kan telh piak chih hna








How To Install ?

Download na tuah dih in a tu bantuk in a langh sual ah cun Keep tuah piak ding a si lai.

Download tuah mi a dih tik ah Show In Folder hmet law Download na tuah mi File an On piak lai

  1. Download na tuah mi kha Right Click in Extract tuah piak

2. Extract na tuah mi Folder ah lut piak

3. Internet Download Manager.exe kha Double Click in On piak

4. Yes

5. OK hmet

6. Install Yandex.Browser kha Unselect tuah piak law Next hmet

English Lanuage thim piak law Next hmet

Install hmet law a mah tein Software Install a tuah cang lai .

Internet Download Manager Na Khumh Ko ah Video le a dang dang Install na tuah khawh lo sual ah cun ?

Na Browser lut piak law Menu > More tools ah Extensions timi ah kal piak

IDM Intergration Module kha On piak ding a si lai .

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