Facebook Page Ah Zeitindah Admin Kan I Pek Lai

Laimi tampi zong nih Facebook Page kan hmang cang  i  zeitindah Page kan tuah mi ah kan hawi  nu/pa Admin si ter  kan duh tik ah zeitindah Admin  kan  pek lai timi ka van langh ter than.

Na Facebook Page ah lut piak

Page na lut dih in Settings icon hmet

Page Roles timi hmet than

Add Person to Page timi hmet than

Na Facebook Password tial law Continue hmet than

Add Person to Page ah Na Page Admin ah chiah na duh mi Facebook Username tial piak

Admin pek na duh mi na tial dih cun thim piak

Page Roles ah zeitindah chiah na duh ( Admin/Editor…. tibantuk thim piak law Add hmet

A tu bantuk in Admin na chiah mi na hmuh cang lai , a tu bantuk in Admin na chiah tik ah na chiah mi Nu/Pa sin ah a tanglei bantuk in Notification a lang lai.

Admin na chiah mi na hawi Nu/Pa nih Notification in Accept a tuah dih cun Admin na sawm mi tlamtling cang tinak si


Internet Download Manager 6.40 Build 5 (Repack)
Zeitindah Facebook Video AutoPlay Kan Off Lai

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