iPhone/Pad A Hmang Mi Hna Nih Facebook/Youtube Video Download Tuah Ning

iPhone/Pad a hmang mi tam deuh nih Facebook le Youtube Video Download tuah khawhnak App kan hmang kho ti lo a tha mi kan chiah piak tiah nan hal pah lengmang caah ka van in chiah piak hna. a hman zong a fawi mi te a si caah Facebook le Youtube Video pawl Download tuah i Internet um lonak ah ngaih/zoh than a duh mi hna nih a tanglei ah hin download tuahnak le a hman ning zoh khawh a si.

My File Manager Download Tuah Hmasa Ding :

App Store Link : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/my-filemanager-documents/id1457341524


Hmasabik ah App Store Link ah My File Manager timi App Download tuah piak , A cung App Store Link hi hmet law App Store ah Get tiin Download/Install tuah khawh a si.

Install na tuah mi a dih tik ah My File Manager App kha On piak

App Na On Hmasabik ah a herh bik mi cu Allow tuah/hmet piak hi a herh bak mi si , Allow na tuah dih hnu ah Continue ah kal piak than.

My File Manager ah Facebook Video le Youtube Video nangmah na duh mi Download na tuah khawh cang lai . Tahchunak ah Youtube Video Download tuah na duh ah cun Youtube icon ah kal piak. Search ah  na duh mi Hlasa min tial piak

Download tuah na duh mi Video na On bak in a tanglei bantuk in na hmuh than lai

Video na on bak in Download timi hmet law Video Download a tuah cang lai , Video Download na tuah mi pawl cu My File Manager App ah a um mi Downloads timi ah zoh le ngaih khawh dih a si.

Ka Lawm.


Laimi Caah Ka Tuah Mi App Download Ve : https://www.rampengthang.com/


Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOgKki3cqGzR-FsYshqPPA

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